We offer services and treatment plans tailored to meet your unique hearing needs. From comprehensive evaluations to custom hearing aid fittings, our staff combines years of experience with state-of-the-art technology to find the best solution for you.

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    Hearing Tests

    Hearing Testing and Evaluations

    Choosing the right hearing aid starts with a clear understanding of your unique hearing loss needs. Our advanced testing procedures accurately identify whether or not you have hearing loss and measure the type and severity.

    Most people have a basic understanding of hearing tests. What they might not be aware of is that the test, while vitally important, is just the beginning of the procedure by qualified personnel to evaluate your hearing acuity. Hearing evaluations can also include an examination of the outer ears and neck, the middle and inner ears through a scope, and tests of your ability to hear conversation in noisy environments.

    An evaluation is not just a test process for the need for hearing aids. It is an overview that adds to your overall health picture.

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    Hand to Ear

    Online Hearing Test

    Think You Might Have Hearing Loss?

    Take our free, 5-minute online test to get a better understanding of your hearing health. It can determine if a professional screening is right for you.


    Our Process

    Finding the Perfect Match.

    Hearing loss looks different for everyone, and as a result, there are a number of hearing aid varieties on the market. Through careful evaluations and custom fittings, we’ll help you find the best device for your hearing loss needs.

    Hearing Aid Services

    We Service Your Devices

    From hearing aid screening, selection and fittings, to ongoing maintenance and repairs – we offer a wide range of services to keep your hearing aids performing their best.

    The results of a hearing evaluation could suggest the use of hearing aids. Millions have been evaluated and have found the exact hearing aid for their needs in the last few decades. We specialize in performing this exacting process with care and compassion.

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    We repair all types and sizes of hearing aids in our office or through a program that sends them to authorized repair facilities. Never attempt to repair a hearing aid yourself and they should never be taken apart. Often, they are simply in need of adjustment or cleaning.

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