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The Twin Tiers Hearing Aid Clinic is located in the heart of Corning, New York’s Gaffer District on beautiful Market Street. We are an independent hearing aid clinic who proudly serves Steuben county and the surrounding areas, offering many services from hearing tests to ear wax removal as well as the selecting and fitting of hearing aids


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Hearing is the pathway to countless connections

Our desire is to help you restore those important connections again.

Living with a hearing loss can also be frustrating and challenging, not just for you but for everyone around you. We believe that hearing better is living better. We take great pride in listening to your concerns about how your hearing loss has created difficulties in your own life. We also know that the best time to treat hearing loss and help slow down the progression of cognitive decline is to treat your loss at the onset. In our clinic, we want you to feel heard and understood and to feel like your life is better after your visit with us.

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Who We Are

Our staff all have a heart to help people hear better and communicate better so that you can feel more involved in your own lives. We understand that hearing loss can be very isolating and lonely. All of us understand the frustrations of living with a hearing loss, therefore we like to make sure that you have individualized care and attention while we address your own personal needs. For an added bonus, our little office doggie Benjamin, likes to make you feel at ease in a situation that can often make someone feel anxious or nervous, especially if it is your first time having a hearing test and being introduced to hearing aids.

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Our Hearing Aids

Our hearing instrument specialist works with all major manufacturers because each manufacturer is specific in what they have to offer a hearing impaired person. It is truly not a ‘one size fits all’ type of industry anymore.

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What’s New In Hearing

The recent enhancements that have been made in the hearing industry are astounding and therefore enables us to fit you according to your lifestyle and specific needs. Most hearing aids come with Bluetooth accessibility that allows streaming and specific applications if you so desire. The ability to recharge newer hearing aids has become quite popular and most people love the idea of not changing batteries out every week. Plus our manufacturers offer many different unique styles to fit every age group, making hearing aids not only medical devices, but also allows them to be fashionable! Our hearing instrument specialist is sensitive to your needs and will help you find a device that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

  • Bluetooth Accessibility

  • Rechargeable

  • Unique Styles

We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee if your not happy with your new purchase

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How We Service Your Hearing

The best way to diagnose a hearing loss is by having a hearing evaluation. We offer a video otoscopy of your ear canal because it is possible that your hearing loss may be caused by ear wax! If so, we do offer ear wax removal using a non invasive irrigation system. Our hearing instrument specialist can administer the necessary complimentary tests to evaluate your hearing impairment and also offer a demonstration of the latest hearing instrument technology. We offer hearing aid fitting and programming, aural rehabilitation, and hearing aid repair and service.

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Continued Care After Purchase

When you purchase hearing aids from us we include lifetime hearing aid cleanings and programming at no extra cost to you. We also know that the best way to preserve your hearing is to protect the hearing that you have left. At our clinic you could also get custom fit hearing protection for swimmers, hunters, musicians and those who just want to protect their hearing from everyday damage.

Twin Tiers Hearing Aid Clinic

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